Figure Facts
Size 3.75" (10cm)
Alignment Evil
Composition Die-cast metal and plastic
Accessories Wing pack, Acro-Blade, Spy-Bird
Series Series 1 (1976)
Precursor Takara Microman Acroyear 2 - A31x

Acroyear was the first Micronauts villain. His back bore rotating wings that dwarf the wingpack of Space Glider. A die-cast figure with black arms and legs, a white body and feet, with head, wing-rotors and chest coming in three colors: blue, pink, and green, his armored appearance and wicked shortsword left no doubt as to his alignment.

Acroyear stood on extra-large boots with rollers. These were removable, and a small set of wings could attach to the 5mm pegs so revealed. HIs wheeled feet could then attach to the underside of his wingpack, turning him into a sort of aircraft. His hands were shaped to hold standard 5mm pegs, allowing Acroyear to wield a wide variety of weapons.

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