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Arcturus Rann (Micronauts, Vol. 1, No. 1)

Commander Arcturus Rann is a Micronaut who went aboard the HMS Endeavor on a 1,000-year journey throughout the Microverse in search of alien life. When he returned, he found that the alien life he had discovered had also been discovered with warp technology while he was gone and had already come to and populated Homeworld. Upon his return, he was captured by Baron Karza and thrown in the Body Banks. There, he befriended Acroyear and Bug, and with the aid of the Time Traveler, escaped along with his companion Biotron, Princess Mari and Microtron. His parents are Homeworld's deities Dallan and Sepsis.

"One of the first of the space-gliding Micronauts--adventurer/explorers dispatched in suspended animation 1,000 years ago to the farthest reaches of the Microverse--Rann has returned to a Homeworld vastly changed from that which he knew! Yet he has spent ten centuries telepathically probing the unknown and never much cared for the predictable, anyway!"

--Micronauts, Vol. 1, No. 1
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