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Figure Facts
Size 3.75" (10cm)
Alignment Evil
Composition Plastic
Accessories Removable laser-crossbow, shield and brain
Series Series 5 (1980)
Variants None
Precursor None

For Series 5 (1980), Mego introduced its second line of Alien figures exclusive to the Micronauts. Centaurus "The conquering gladiator from the remote planet of Equestris" was a horselike figure with a humanoid torso and arms atop the horse body, like a classical centaur, but with a horselike head atop the humanoid shoulders. His black body was set off by blue arms and legs, yellow forearms and black hoofs. He wielded a laser crossbow, and carried a shield, both black, and attached to the wrist cuffs by the 5mm system. Centaurus' brain extended in mane-like tendrils down his back. This unique design led to frequent detachments, making this part occasionally lost over time.