Figure Facts
Size 3.75" (10cm)
Alignment Evil
Composition Plastic
Accessories Blaster rifle, removable wings and brain
Series Series 5 (1980)
Variants None
Precursor None

For Series 5 (1980), Mego introduced its second line of Alien figures exclusive to the Micronauts. Kronos is an insect-like creature, with an orange torso and "spats," light green head, arms, legs and feet, and transparent wings. The wings are in three parts: the center piece is clear-purple, like the wings of Hornetroid, while the two side wings are clear-orange, with the wing set attaching to Kronos' back via a 5mm peg. His Manta-blaster is held by both arms, which are fixed shut in the grasping position. Kronos is the only alien to have a held weapon, rather than attached to his wrists via the 5mm system. Twin antennae extend from the top of his light green glow-in-the-dark brain.

Kronos's home was the forbidden world of Udanax.

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