Figure Facts
Size 3.75" (10cm)
Alignment Evil
Composition Plastic
Accessories Removable blaster, shield, tongue and brain
Series Series 5 (1980)
Variants None
Precursor None

For Series 5 (1980), Mego introduced its second line of Alien figures exclusive to the Micronauts. Lobros was a red-orange figure with yellow-orange feet, wrist cuffs and tongue. His upper body merges seamlessly from the back to the top of his "head," a crustacean-like carapace that ends in an enormous jaw. The lower jaw hinges open to reveal his brain, the only alien to have such "protection" for the brain, under which pokes out a dual-channel tubular tongue. Lobros carries a black hand-style blaster and black shield.

Lobros's home was the ocean-world of Zenon.

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