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Micronauts, Vol. 1, No. 1


Chapter 1: Homeworld!: Rebels spurred by Baron Karza’s promise of immortality for all overthrow Homeworld’s former rulers, the Elitists. Karza’s dog soldiers appear to kill Prince Argon, but his sister, Princess Mari, and her roboid attendant Microtron escape with the aid of the mysterious and powerful being known as the Time Traveler.

Chapter 2: Homecoming: Commander Arcturus Rann, accompanied by the roboid known as Biotron returns from a 1,000-year mission aboard the HMS Endeavor in search of alien life in the microverse. Successful in his mission, he returns only to find that the alien life he discovered has already taken up residence on Homeworld. Discovery of warp drive during his absence allowed the aliens to travel to Homeworld faster than he himself could return. Karza’s dog soldiers capture him and throw him into the Body Banks. There, he meets Acroyear and Bug.

Chapter 3: Escape!: Acroyear, Bug, Commander Rann and others must do battle against the Deathtank in the Great Games. They defeat it, and with the aid of the Time Traveler, escape to the HMS Endeavor and set a course for Earth.



Bill Mantlo


Michael Golden


Josef Rubinstein


Tom Orzechowski


Glynis Wein


A. L. Milgrom


Jim Shooter


Marvel Comics Group

Publication date:

January 1979