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Micronauts, Vol. 1, No. 4

A Hunting We Will Go!

On Homeworld, Baron Karza’s dog soldiers raid the populace in the sewer sector and take captives to feed the body banks. Slug, former Royalist and current rebel leader, is among those they capture.

The Micronauts, still stranded on Earth, return to Steve Coffin’s house in search of Bug, even as Steve and his father Ray take the remains they found to NASA’s Human Engineering Life Laboratories (H.E.L.L.) at Cape Canaveral, with Bug as stowaway. Not finding Bug, the Micronauts land in Steve’s house in order to repair the HMS Endeavor.

When Prince Shaitan returns to Homeworld, Karza is incensed at the failure of his mission to Earth. He strips Shaitan of his authority, removes the thoughtwash that convinced all the Acroyears that Acroyear, their rightful prince, was dead, and sends Shaitan back to his people as a traitor.

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