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Micronauts, Vol. 1, No. 2

Summary: The Prometheus Pit!

Having fled Homeworld, the Micronauts are on Earth—but are about the size of Smurfs. Biotron, in Daytona Beach at the home of Ray and Steve Coffin, is repairing the Endeavor, while the other Micronauts, minus Bug, head for the Human Engineering Life Laboratory (H.E.L.L.) in the Astrostation to find their missing Insectivorid friend.

Bug is inside H.E.L.L., where Professor Phillip Prometheus is showing his laboratory to Ray and Steve Coffin. He has collected dead specimens of life from the Microverse and has built a device called the Prometheus Pit, which serves as a passageway to the Microverse. Prometheus wants the scientific knowledge of the Microverse so that he can live forever and become like a god. He harasses Steve for information about where to find beings from the Microverse.

Meanwhile on Homeworld, Baron Karza is herding prisoners into the purification baths of the Body Banks. Among the prisoners is Slug, a rebel chieftain. Baron Karza has promised the aging Duchess Belladonna a new young body. Prince Argon, now changed into a Centaur by Karza’s experiments, bursts in. Karza blasts Argon with his eye-rays. During the altercation, Karza takes notice of Slug and thinks she would make a nice body for Belladonna.

Back on Earth, the Micronauts burst into the laboratory. A struggle ensues, and Prof. Prometheus and Steve Coffin fall into the Prometheus Pit.



Bill Mantlo


Michael Golden


Josef Rubinstein


Jim Novak


D. R. Martin


Allen Milgrom


Jim Shooter


Marvel Comics Group

Publication date:

May 1979

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