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Figure Facts
Size 3.75" (10cm)
Alignment Good
Composition plastic
Accessories Time Chamber, leg "wings"
Series Series 2 (1977)
Variants Type 2
Precursor Takara Microman Command 2 M16x

Pharoid was the only hero figure released in the 10cm size in Series 2 (1977). Available in gray/black, red/black and blue/white, Pharoid had several unique features.

Pharoid came with an Egytian-style sarcophagus, the "Time Chamber," and into his leg were inserted gold "wings" reminiscent of a Pharoh's headdress. His chest held a non-removable piece that glowed in the dark.


Later versions dropped Pharoid's unique head for a duplicate of that found on Space Glider, while the dark colored chrome of the original variant gave way to the lighter, simpler finish found on Time Traveller. The glitter found in the gray Pharoid parts was dropped. Later Pharoids also shipped with different Hieroglyphics on the Time Chamber.

(image courtesy Alexsis Dyer aka Argonaut X)