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As Mego went out of business, another trio of aliens made their way to market, as well as several more alien vehicles—or did they? Some dispute exists over whether Mego directly released certain products before closing their doors. A new line of Magno Figures emerged just as Mego exited. Lion Rock, using Mego's Hong Kong manufacturers, released some products in the aftermath of Mego's closing, and the Italian I Micronauti version of The Micronauts by Gig received product from both Lion Rock and Takara in the following years. Some Mego designs that Mego itself was unable to release arrived at market in this manner.


Magno Figures[]

  • Green Baron**
  • King Atlas**
  • Megas (steed for Emperor)**
  • Lantaurion (steed for King Atlas)**
  • Pegasus (steed for Green Baron)**
  • Red Falcon**

Large Robots[]

  • Blizzard


*(Time Traveller included)

**(released solely by Lion Rock and/or Gig)

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