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Space Glider
Space Glider.jpg
Figure Facts
Size 3.75" (10cm)
Alignment Good
Composition Die-cast
Accessories Wing-pack, helmet
Series Series 1 (1976)
Precursor Takara Microman Super Steel Dash Wing M21x

Space Glider was a die cast 10cm figure which included a spring-loaded wing pack which when in retracted mode extended its wings at the flick of a switch. While coming in gold, green and blue, with matching wingpacks, the included helmets were always blue.

Space Glider's chrome heads possessed a slight tint, each a paler version of the body color. These heads were of a different design than that shared by Time Traveller and Galactic Warrior, with a longer face and tousled hair.

Both the silver and colored body parts retained their metallic look; the colored parts via use of iridescent paint.

In 2006, during the re-release of Micronauts toys was a brand new blue and yellow color scheme that matched that of the Marvel Micronauts comics character Commander Arcturus Rann who was originally based on the Space Glider.