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Star Defender
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Vehicle Facts
Size Large
Alignment Good
Composition Plastic
Accessories 2x Solarion, 1 Taurion
Series Series 4 (1979)
Variants Powered/unpowered
Precursor none

Sitting atop the Star Searcher platform, Star Defender was the last large vehicle for the "good" Micronauts. The forward chassis was occupied by a large green-canopied cockpit with a large gray nose cone in front, with two robot arms to either side. The rear chassis was dominated by a giant tower, flanked at the base by twin control panels, fronted by a green hinged canopy that revealed an elevator within for a figure to ride up to the white Taurion perched atop the tower. Just below the Taurion on the sides were twin giant missile launchers, with giant rubber tips similar to those on the Battle Cruiser's wing guns, but with "jet engine" carve-outs. Behind the tower were twin Solarions, in the white and gray color sceme of the Star Defender, attached to the chassis by long yellow extender arms on a rotating platform.

Unlike Star Searcher, Star Defender was powered (depending when or where you bought it). This feature came at the cost of the storage inside the base platform, which was given over to batteries.