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Takara is the Japanese toy company responsible for developing many Micronauts-related toys, most importantly Microman, the direct ancestor of the Micronauts.

Combat Joe[]

Takara developed a version of G.I. Joe for the Japanese market called Combat Joe, a fully articulated 12" figure.

Henshin Cyborg[]

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Takara developed a variation on the Combat Joe figure, with transparent parts that revealed cybernetic implants within.


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Desiring to create vehicles for the cyborgs, Takara reduced the size to 1/18th scale (10cm or approx. 3 3/4"), creating the Microman line.

After its launch, Microman became immensely popular, attracting the attention of the American toy company Mego, which licensed Microman for release in the US under the name "Micronauts."

Kotetsu Jeeg[]

An 8" figure held together by magnets, Jeeg was already a popular licensed character in Japan. Takara brought the magnet idea into the Microman line as the "Magnemo" figures. Mego used Jeeg as the basis for its Baron Karza and Force Commander Magno figures.

Later Days[]

Takara continued to develop Microman in Japan, relaunching the line in the 1980s beyond the demise of Mego and the Micronauts. It's line of Micro Change toys would form the basis of the Transformers. In 1999, Takara would launch Microman yet again, bringing the small figures to a new generation.