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The Micronauts Wiki is the online database for the classic Mego toys of 1976-1980.

The Interchangeable World of the Micronauts[]

In 1976, Mego Corp launched a landmark series of toys based on Japanese toy company Takara's Microman. The Micronauts introduced the 10cm figure to the American market in advance of a wave of toys that followed, including Kenner's original Star Wars line.

Based on a 5mm peg/socket system, the Micronauts boasted a wide variety of figures, vehicles and habitats that allowed unprecedented recombinations. The silver-headed, translucent-bodied Time Traveler had an arresting look that both set apart and anchored the collection.

In 1979, Marvel comics launched a comic series based on the Mego toys, which would continue beyond the final run of the toys themselves in 1980.

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